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What We Do

We turn your logbooks and trip sheets into this..
FAA Logbook

JAR Logbook

Military Logbook

By you taking and uploading pictures of your logbook/trip sheets pages using our site. You can use your phone, tablet, camera or scanner. It can take 15-30 minutes depending on the size of your logbook. And you're done. We do all the work.

If your logbook doesn't match our samples we will personalize your file.

In our excel file we enter Date, Aircraft and Model, Aircraft Ident, Route of Flight, Total Duration of Flight, Airplane Multi, Single Land and Sea, Jet, Turbine,  Night, Actual Instrument, Cross Country, PIC, SIC, Landings Day and Night.  We do not input remarks.  We total each column at the bottom of the file.

We didn't provide an example but we also do Military Logbooks.

No sending your logbook in the mail for it to disappear forever.  Just quick results.