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Why Choose Us

Fastest Pilot Logbook Data Entry Service in the business. 

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We transfer the data in your logbooks and trip sheets into an Excel or CSV file

Three service options:

       Regular service : 5 - 10 business days

       Super service : Two business days

       Speed of Light service : One business day 

       Emergency Service : 12 hours (Special Projects Only) 

The timer on the service starts when all files have been uploaded, an official quote has been sent and payment has been received. 

Most major electronic logbook programs can have data exported to their platform using Excel.

Keep using your paper logbook if you choose and use Excel as a cheap backup. 


Data Entry Service

We provide cost effective pilot logbook data entry service into a Comma-separated values(CSV) or Excel(Xlsx) file.  Our pricing model will be conducive to any project and will provide the mix of low cost and quality.  Our files are exportable to CSV or Xlsx compatible logbook programs.

Interview Coming Soon?

Thousands of pilots are going be hired over the next few years.  Don't take a chance of losing the job of a lifetime because your logbook is not accurate.   How many horror stories of someone getting the interview of their dreams and losing the oppurtunity because their logbook was inaccurate or sloppy?   Is it worth risking?  How much of your possible career earnings are you risking by taking a chance?  Seven out of ten Human Resource managers polled cited logbooks as one of the biggest issues when screening applicants. 

What We Provide

When you utilize our pilot logbook data entry service we transfer you logbook data into in an Excel file. We enter Date, Aircraft and Model, Aircraft Ident, Route of Flight, Total Duration of Flight, Airplane Multi, Single Land and Sea, Jet, Turbine,  Night, Actual Instrument, Cross Country, PIC, SIC, Landings Day and Night.  We do not input remarks or endorsements.